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Volume measuring Lasertronik

Measuring devices Lasetronik Volumen³ allow you to use your resources more efficiently.

Lasetronik devices are known for their durability and endurance, where other devices give only approximate estimates, Volumen³ goes on and do not disappoint its owner. Whether is measuring made inside the house, or in outdoor conditions like rain, humidity, snow, frost, dust, particles of the material or direct sunlight, the device still gives relevant results.
The devices are very accurate, it uses 200 laser measurements per second. So the operator of production is supplied by current information in real time.
Control of devices is simple, menu navigation is very intuitive - these properties are very appreciated when you change operator. You save the time to train new employee and you can just focus on your core business - production.
If the supervising operator is not satisfied with display of devices, Volumen³ can be connected to your computer to display the necessary statistics there. There is also a built-in printer for printing your important data and statistics.

  • Application range of device is very versatile:
    • Crushing plants, screening plants a shredders (mobile/stationary)
    • Dosage plants or mixing plants
    • Any conveyor belt that carries bulk material
  • Devices provide information about equipment performance and other important statistics:
    • Time data - start shift, length of operation or shutdown
    • Measurement data - belt capacity, the volume of material transferred
    • Productivity - daily, weekly, monthly...
  • Devices can also measure materials with low density:
    • Greens, leaves
    • Woodcuts, paper
    • Styrofoam, light powder etc.
  • Devices are easy to install:
    • There is no need to change parts of conveyor belt
    • Devices can be installed on existing construction of conveyor belt
    • Typical installation of the measuring device takes approximately 60 minutes
We offer
  • Measuring units - sensory scales - belt scales
  • Measuring systems - sensor scales - belt scales
  • Evaluation unit for the total output - sensor scales - belt scales
  • Accessories for devices and systems, customizations and specific solutions for demanding customers