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ANDRITZ MeWa - It is unrivaled, highly valued solution to cast that much more than you expect ...

ANDRITZ MeWa GmbH is primarily an innovator and "pioneer" in many sectors of recycling. Where other renowned manufacturers ends in trouble or with very limited power, there technique starts from ANDRITZ Mewa with its incredibly productive and efficient recycling solutions!

ANDRITZ MeWa GmbH is in the recycling industry for almost 30 years. Company MeWa was founded by Heimo Wabnig in Germany at the beginning of the 80th and it was directed to its own original way - this way led company to the develop unique technologies that the company gained national and then international prestige.

ANDRITZ MeWa now belongs under Austrian group ANDRITZ , which has more than 23.660 employees worldwide and had turnover 5,177 milliards Euros in the year 2012.

ANDRITZ MeWa continues to bring new solutions and technology to the market to offer its customers new segment for more efficient operation of customer`s installations and applications. ANDRITZ guarantee stable run of their recycling systems and devices, including their professional instalations.

The company seeks to maximize economy produced machines. The machines are made ​​from quality materials that last longer and harsh treatment by reducing the time and number of service shutdowns. ANDRITZ MeWa does not forget about ecology. The machines are manufactured natural friendly ways. And actually, the mission of machines helps our environment when the machines allow us to recycle and re - use materials, thus conserving natural resources that are so valuable.

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