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Shredders and crushers ANDRITZ MeWa

Each of ANDRITZ MeWa shredders is designed to achieve perfect clearly results - the output that can be easily processed, or it can be used for direct selling. Each machine has a strong performance, high yield, exceptional durability and maximum flexibility - the four pillars of harmonized quality strategy. ANDRITZ MeWa uses only the highest quality materials - to ensure the profitability of their machines in the long term operation. High quality alloy of cutting tools and specially forged and hardened shafts allow reliably always be the winning side. In addition, each machine can be individually adjusted to suit your requirements. More flexible product line does not exist.

UC - Rotary jaw shredder

For reduce the volume of different materials, the preparation of waste for combustion or for further processing. Suitable for municipal, industrial or bulky waste, tires, barrels, sheets, paper, pulp, textiles, carpets, filters or metal parts, etc. - wherever there are rotating jaw shredders UC in his element. Uncompromisingly powerful and incredibly stubborn shredder. The UC has been tested and demonstrated success, with more than 70,000 operating hours in single or multiple exchange operations.

UG – Granulator

UG shredders and granulators granulated pulp to a preset size from 5 to 100 mm, and are designed mainly for municipal, industrial and bulky waste, electric up to weight of 1.3 kg, transformers 3 kg in weight, tires, scrap aluminum, castings and metal profiles , cables, filters, barrels and plastic, paper, cellulose, etc. The performance, depending on the type of shredders, reaching the range from 1 to 12 tons per hour. Size of output fraction affects the choice of sifter.

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QZ - Cross-jet shredder

This crusher does not use any cutting tool such as rotary and fixed blades with a sieve. Approximately 80% of the crushing takes place exclusively through intertakce acceleration relative movement of raw materials. QZ guarantees optimum disintegration of composite materials in an extremely short time and with minimal wear and tear of crushing tools. Worn grinding tools can be replaced within 15 minutes. QZ series crushers are sometimes also called dismantling machines that are relatively large popularity for recycling e-scrap, refrigerators, freezers, EBS MBA and scrap, packaging spray cans, toner, catalysts, etc.

Bio QZ – Shredder for biogas stations

QZ has completely avoided the use of knives for their shreding, and it enables you to achieve significantly better results in the processing of raw materials on farms or in fermentation stations. Farmers use QZ for shredding silage, straw, manure, mixtures of plants, etc. Bio-QZ is suitable for dry and wet fermentation, continuous operation and batch mode. The organic material in the digester ends, while the other materials are removed. Bio-QZ can improve the efficiency of biogas plants by up to 30%.

 Technical informations (EN).

USM - Cutting/knife Mill

Cutting mills USM shredes its feedstock shear principle with rotor and stator blades. The material passes through the inlet opening directly into the grinding chamber through the hole in the shaft. Here is shredded between the blades, until it passes through the sieve, which is located under the shredding chamber. It is used for preshredded plastic pipes, profiles and bumpers, fittings, molds. USM is perfectly suited for processing aluminum and copper cables, rubber from tires (granular 0-4 mm) and plastics.

UHM - Hammer Mill

The waste material is ground by means of kinetic energy. Two rotors, with a specific number of movable hammers attached from the outside, rotate in a metal housing. The material remains in the grinding chamber, until it is completely shredded and then may pass out. UHM double hammer mill is usually used for shredding electric materials and electro. A mixture of materials (approx. 20 mm), plastics and non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper) are broken and then separated according to specific gravity.

SB² - Primary shredder, separator

These machines belong to the highly economical and compact primary shredders. SB² gently shredes waste electrical and electro using innovative technology shredding. These devices are ideally applied in shredding field of consumer electronics, home appliances, computers, printers and scanners. Polluting elements such as capacitors, batteries, toner printer cartridges remain complete and should be separated further, later. This saves time and costs of dismantling these facilities.

AC - Alpha cutter, huge primary waste shredder

Alfa shredders are new, bigger, stronger and more effective primary shredders for large quantities of municipal, industrial and bulky material. It shreds difficult materials very easily. This is the correct shredder that will cater to every entry. The greatest length of the rotor is 3.7 mA can handle more than 50 t/h. Well processes mattresses, crimps-tion packages materials, plastics, fabrics and paper roll, residues, canvas, paper and scrap from industrial paper production.

CC - Cable shredder for all kinds of cables

ANDRITZ MeWa CC, are CableCutter series shredders. Shredders for processing anything that relates to cables. Weak tangle of cables and a strong grounding cables - all these can be shredded to the size of approx. 10 mm, with a throughput of up to 3 tons per hour. At the end of the recycling process you get just pure fractions of copper, aluminum, steel and lead.